Fast, job-winning bids and higher margins for commercial movers
QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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Why Your Mover Should be Using QuickQube
By design, QuickQube creates a more accurate and reliable estimate than any other estimating method. It takes all of the guesswork out of creating and managing a move crew. The program will not let the mover forget any important details. All information is carried in one place from start to finish of your project. The details of your move can be printed in hard copy for your review, given to the mover's operations department for their use, and stored electronically. Human error is removed from the process, eliminating costly omissions.
You'll Know That You're Dealing with a Professional
When your mover uses QuickQube to estimate your move, you can be confident that he's one of the best. QuickQube requires a significant investment in both time and money by the mover. You can bet that both he and the company he represents understand the value of their customers and that they've invested in the most up to date technology that's currently available for Office and Industrial movers.
You'll Get Your Bid Faster
Have you ever requested a bid and waited forever for the salesperson to get back to you? There are many reasons for this but none are really acceptable. This won't happen if your mover is using QuickQube. As soon as the job walk is done, your mover has an excellent idea what it will take to do your move in the most efficient manner possible. If your move is relatively simple in nature, your mover can probably go over the estimate with you immediately after he finishes the inventory of what will be moving. If your move is more complex you can be sure that your estimate will be ready quickly because all the information your mover needs to prepare his bid is already in his computer. He can finalize everything in a short period of time - much, much less time, than a mover who doesn't have QuickQube will need.
Your Estimate Will Be More Accurate
When your mover uses QuickQube to prepare your bid, you can rest assured that your bid will be accurate. He won't need to transfer information from paper into the computer to prepare your bid. Everything is already there in QuickQube - what items you're moving, any items that are not moving, what services he needs to provide, any notes he made when he interviewed you - everything is in one place where he can find it quickly and easily
You'll Get an Itemized List of What's Moving
With QuickQube, your mover can quickly and easily provide you with itemized lists of what you're moving - by floor, department, building, destination - however you need to have it broken down. In addition, if you have items that are not moving, your mover can easily inventory them at the same time he's counting the items that will be moving, so he can provide you with an itemized list showing what's not moving as well. This can be very helpful in preventing any misunderstanding about what items are supposed to be going and what items are not when the move takes place.
Your Move Will Go More Smoothly
When your mover uses QuickQube to do your estimate the number of trucks and men that it will take to do your move is automatically calculated and optimized by the computer. QuickQube takes access issues like long pushes, elevators, stairs and more into account when computing how much manpower it will take to do your move as efficiently as possible.
When your mover goes into QuickQube and generates the work orders for the trucks and men to do your move, all the relevant information QuickQube has stored about your move is automatically included with those work orders. Your mover's Operations Department will have everything they need to make sure they dispatch exactly what's needed. Critical information about expected load times, unload times, travel time, anticipated volume per truck, and much more can included with the work orders and passed on to the move crew. Potential problems are avoided because everyone's expectations are properly set and understood.
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