Fast, job-winning bids and higher margins for commercial movers
QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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Why O&I Sales Reps Need QuickQube
Makes you more efficient - QuickQube takes you through the complete job, from the job walk through proposal generation and preparation of your work orders. It streamlines the whole process. QuickQube will cut your proposal and workorder preparation time by 60% or more and eliminate costly errors. You'll spend a lot less time "cleaning up" and a lot more time out selling.
Increases client confidence - QuickQube provides your clients with a high level of comfort, both with you and your company. When the client sees you using QuickQube he thinks: "This guy knows what he's doing. He'll give us an accurate bid because he's got accurate information."
Builds successful estimating habits - QuickQube keeps you focused and organized. You'll gain a level of consistency in your estimating process that's otherwise impossible to achieve. QuickQube leads you through the estimating process the same way each time. You set things up once the way you want them and they're automatically there every time. You don't have to remember that it's 3 minutes to pack a box, or 4 minutes to pack a shelf, or how to calculate how many carts it takes to move 250' of shelf contents. QuickQube remembers all that detail for you. QuickQube keeps you from making costly mistakes. No more "Oops, I forgot to include that crate for the glass conference table." Or, "what do you mean I didn't include that 20 hours of labor to gang and level those file cabinets?" Those days are gone forever.
Keeps valuable historical information right at your fingertips - If you need some information about a proposal you did two years ago with QuickQube, you've got it in seconds - survey sheets, origin and destination addresses, access issues, pricing, etc. It's all right there in QuickQube. You can build reference lists in seconds - who you moved in or out of a building, all the jobs you did that had pushes over 400 feet, every job where there was an elevator transfer, jobs you did that shelving installation, and much, much more.
Eliminate chargebacks - You'll earn 5 to 10% more on the same volume of business because with QuickQube you'll eliminate errors and omissions that lead to costly chargebacks.
Increase your closing ratio - QuickQube gives you the WOW factor advantage and differentiates you from your competition. You're using the latest and greatest technology; the other guy is using a pencil to make hash marks on scraps of paper. For simple moves you can present your proposal and try to close the business while you're still on site after the job walk. Even if you can't, you'll be able to get back to your client in a timely manner because your proposal is already well on the way to being done.
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