Fast, job-winning bids and higher margins for commercial movers
QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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What is QuickQube?
QuickQube is an automated Sales process system designed for the office moving sales person. The program collects, stores, manages and calculates all data concerned with a commercial move estimate. By computerizing the estimating process there are many valuable benefits for the salesperson, operations, customer service, agency owners and managers, and their clients.
Why did you develop the program?
A large commercial mover was looking for a program to help their sales staff become more efficient and productive. In looking all the software solutions available for the moving industry, they couldn't find anything that was acceptable or that came close to meeting their needs. After meeting with Solutions On The Go it was determined that there was an industry need for such a program and development began.
Who is responsible for the Development?
A team of experts was put together to develop the program. J.J. Krukenkamp from King Office Services, a large commercial mover located in Southern California, heads up the industry advisory team that has guided the deveopment of the program. Hari Dudani and Dave Dunlap from Solutions on the Go, and a staff of programmers with many of years of collective experience developing mobile computer solutions make up the rest of the team.
How is this important to me as an Agency Owner or Sales Manager?
There are many advantages gained by users of the QuickQube software program. One way that QuickQube can benefit your company is by giving you automated control over rates, estimate parameters, and procedures that are used during the estimating process. An Owner/Sales Manager can setup and control this data to insure that the entire sales staff is providing consistent information to clients as well as operations. Other benefits include:
When used as a mobile estimating tool, QuickQube can reduce travel time and costs, thereby reducing fuel expenses and eliminating the need for increased car allowances.
QuickQube will increase a salesperson's efficiency by drastically reducing the time required to produce estimates and work orders. This time can then be reinvested in prospecting and closing new business. QuickQube will also improve a salesperson's closing ratio, again leading to an increase in sales production.
By using predefined templates for move proposals and work orders QuickQube significantly increases the consistency of information provided to clients and to operations. This eliminates costly errors caused by communication gaps between the salesperson and operations. Clients get what they were promised.
How is this important to me as a Office and Industrial mover?
The software was designed with you in mind. Once you learn the basics of the program you'll spend substantially less time doing the paperwork that's involved in your job. Most move proposals are can be prepared in minutes rather than hours. Complicated move plans can be easily generated. Work orders are processed direcltly from within QuickQube reducing the time and effort needed to prepare them.
QuickQube becomes your automated assistant, helping you to remember all the details as you go. When you estimate the job, there are screens that prompt you for access information and defaults that help you remember additional services and labor as you go. Have you ever forgotten a crate for that glass conference table top? Not anymore! Once configured correctly, every time you select a glass table top, the crate will be automatically included.
Time is money and this program will give you plenty of that back. It's up to you how you spend your new found time.
What hardware is required to run the program?
QuickQube runs on any PC based system. It can be loaded on your desktop, laptop, or tablet PC. If you want to use the mobile estimating function, you will need a tablet PC. Some users start with it on a laptop or desktop and then migrate to a tablet PC once they get the hang of it. Tablet PCs run between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on options. QuickQube runs well on any of them.
How & where do we buy the program?
QuickQube is sold direct by Solutions On The Go. Please give us a call at 949.681.8311 for more information.
How long does it take to cost justify the investment in the software program?
It all depends on your sales statistics. A sales person booking $500,000 a year will take longer to cost justify the program than a sales person booking $1,500.000.00 per year. How much of your business is account type moves vs. project type moves is also a factor. After crunching many sales people's statistics, we have determined that it typically takes less than 6 months to recoup your investment. Please ask us about our ROI calculator if you'd like to run your sales performance numbers and see your ROI.
Are there other automated estimating systems that compete with QuickQube?
There are no commercially available applications that compete with QuickQube. There are a few inventory options in other software packages but there's nothing out there in the industry that comes close to what QuickQube does for Office and Industrial movers.
Can more than one person use the program at a time?
We license the program for each compter. Two sales reps could share a Tablet PC to start but only one user's personal information can be entered in the program.
Will the program integrate with our existing software
QuickQube has been programmed using the latest software standards and development tools. This means that it can be integrated, at an additional cost, with most currently available sofftware applications that you may have. You can link it to your dispatch system, accounting system, or Sales CRM program. We will be happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation to discuss what integration needs you have and how they might be met.
What kind of training is included with the program?
When you purchase of the program, a Solutions On The Go representative will work with you on the phone and over the internet to get you up and running. We offer free monthly training webinars that cover a wide variety of topics about QuickQube. This training is included in your annual maintenance fee and is ongoing. You simply sign up to be included and you attend the meeting over the web. You will be able to ask any questions and if you need a little extra time, you can sign up for personalized web instruction with Solutions on the Go. The user community is growing fast. In the future we will be periodically be holding user group meetings where you can come and get personalized training. Exact times, dates, and locations are yet to be determined.
Can we use our own methodology of estimating?
The beauty of QuickQube is it is fully customizable to your needs. QuickQube lets you estimate by Cubes, Weight, Dolly loads, or Piece count. You don't have to learn a new estimating methodology. We'll even help you set up your survey sheet, proposals and work orders. Once the setup is completed you'll be well on the way.
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