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QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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QuickQube - The Guided Tour
The following screenshots show you some of the important screens you'll see when creating and estimated in QuickQube.
Creating the Move
This wizard screen is where you begin when you want to create a new move. For a basic office move all you need to do is enter the company and contact names and then click the Job Walk button to go to the next step. If this is a more complex move the wizard makes it simple and easy for you to get everything set up so you can start the job walk
Job Walk
This is your electronic survey sheet where you will count the items that are moving, and those that are not if the need arises. You just click and count. You can have many kinds of survey sheets, from basic office moves, to hospitals, law offices, manufacturing facilites, etc. These sheets are completely customizable.
You can even have one that has the same items on it as the paper version you use now. Note that the survey sheet could be one big long list of items, or shorter lists that are categorized into tabs like this example. You can enter a note, add new items, add labor, etc. It's very, very flexible.
Cost Summary
This is where QuickQube calculates the cost of the move. This screen is dynamic in that at any time during the Job Walk you can click over to the Cost Summary and see a snapshot of where the pricing is at this point in time. Items such as fuel surcharge, full value cargo protection, project management, etc. can be configured so that they automatically flow in to the Cost Summary.
Deliveries and Pickups can be automatically included if the user counts items such as boxes or crates. Up-sell and Cross-sell products and services can also be automaticallly included, either above the line, or in a separate Options section below.
Move Crew Calculator
QuickQube will automatically optimize all aspects of your move crew - trucks, men, foremen, and duration. This is great for movers who are not really expert commercial estimators. But for those that are experts, this screen will show you all the detail about the move crew and let you make adjustments if you want to do so.
This is great for "what iffing" - changing the duration, number of trucks, crew size, etc. You'll immediately see the effects here as you make any change and those changes will automatically be reflected in the Cost Summary when you close this screen.
Your Own Solution (for the experts)
For the experienced commercial mover that knows exactly what he wants, this screen shows you QuickQube's calculated volume, truckloads, duration and number of men and then lets you quickly and easily enter the # of trucks and men you want to use, regardless of what QuickQube suggests. This way you get the best of both worlds, QuickQubes accuracy and your own "gut feel".
Once you click Save and Select, your numbers are posted back into the Cost Summary and will then flow automatically into the Proposals and Workorders that you generate.
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