Fast, job-winning bids and higher margins for commercial movers
QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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QuickQube Datasheet
This brochure highlights the benefits of using QuickQube and why it's an excellent investment, especially for companies who want to maximize the effectiveness of their O & I sales reps.
QuickQube Questions & Answers
Common questions and answers about what QuickQube is, why it was developed, and what makes it unique.
Why Do I Need QuickQube?
This document explains why QuickQube makes economic sense for O & I Sales Reps and why it also makes sense for Owners and Managers
QuickQube ROI Calculator
This Excel spreadsheet will allow you to calculate your ROI on your investment in QuickQube, and a Tablet PC. You'll enter your own sales numbers (Revenue, # of Sales, Closing Ratio, etc.) and the ROI Calculator will show you how long it will take for you to recoup your investment. For most Office & Industrial sales reps the ROI is substantially less than a year. Run your own numbers and find out what is for you. You should also download the QuickQube ROI Calculator Definitions and Terminology document as well.

QuickQube ROI Calculator Definitions and Terminology

This 4 page document defines all the terms used in the ROI calculator spreadsheet.
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