Fast, job-winning bids and higher margins for commercial movers
QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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Welcome to the Learning Center
Welcome to the Learning Center, our comprehensive library of QuickQube training resources. Inside you will find videos, tutorials, guides, and more to help you improve your use of QuickQube.
Video Tutorials
These videos will walk you step-by-step through various important tasks you'll be doing in QuickQube
QuickQube Basics
Backing up my QuickQube data (2 min.)
QuickQube walk-through of a simple move (9 min.)

Creating a new move - understanding the create worksheet screen (14 min.)

Job Walk basics (11 min.)
Creating and editing custom inventories (12 min.)
Creating a new proposal template (12 min.)
Editing an existing proposal template (9 min.)
Auto-including labor, services, rentals, etc. in your proposals (6 min.)
Job Walk
Adding new worksheets during the job walk
Adding items that are not current in your job walk screen
Creating custom items on the fly
Including labor and services when you count items
Cost Summary
Creating Line items and Cost Items
Splitting boxes or crates into multiple Line items
Using different rates for the same cost item in different line items.
What's a Service and why do I care?
Making line items optional
Deleting line items and cost items, some won't let me erase them
Automatically creating line items for separate moves within the same project
Adjusting the manpower calculations to accommodate a particular project.
Converting boxes to crates
Add a note to a line item to better describe the line item.
How do I get the surcharges to display by line item not as a total?
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