Fast, job-winning bids and higher margins for commercial movers
QuickQube was designed for YOU, the O&I Sales Rep. Once you learn the basics of how to run the program, you’ll spend substantially less time doing all the paperwork that’s involved in your job. Move proposals can be prepared in minutes rather than hours.
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What kind of computer do I need to run QuickQube?
QuickQube is designed to be run on a Tablet PC but will run on any laptop or desktop computer that meets the following specifications:
Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7
Office 2003, Office 2007, or Office 2010
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher
2 Gb of RAM, 4 Gb or more is recommend on Vista and Windows 7
To realize the full potential of QuickQube you'll need to use it on a Tablet PC. There's just no way you're going to lug around a laptop to do a job walk.
QuickQube was not designed to run on hand-held devices like PDAs, SmartPhones, Palms, etc. Those devices are just not suitable for doing Office & Industrial job walks or estimates. We know because we tried but found that the screens are too small and they just don't have the horsepower that it takes to estimate a commercial job.
What kind of Tablet PC would be best for me?
There are 2 basic types of Tablet PCs - slates and convertibles. A slate looks something like the screen part of a laptop. It does not have a built in keyboard. A convertible Tablet looks just like a laptop but the screen can swivel and fold down on top of the keyboard so you can use it much like a slate.
Slates and convertibles each have their advantages. Two of the things you should consider carefully when purchasing a Tablet PC are weight and battery life.
Whether your Tablet weighs 2.2 pounds or 4.2 pounds may not seem like seem like much of an issue right now but in our experience that 2 pound difference can seem like a lot when you've just finished a 3 hour job walk. The rule of thumb is "the less it weighs, the better".
Battery life is the other big thing to consider. What you want is the longest battery life you can get. Sure, there are trade-offs. Some manufacturers offer extended life batteries but they can weigh quite a bit more than the standard ones. Some Tablets will let you "hot-swap" the battery so you can use a lighter standard battery but you can easily plug in a spare one if you need to.
Where can I purchase a Tablet PC?
Tablet Kiosk has some very nice models. You can check them out at
There are a wide variety of tablet manufacturers and models but it's difficult to say which would be best for your particular situation. You might want to call Allegiance Technology Partners, a Tablet PC vendor that knows Tablet PC's from A to Z. All they do is Tablet PCs. Ask for John Hill at ext. 101, he's the President of the company.
Allegiance Technology Partners, Inc.
300 Welsh Road, Building 4, Suite 155
Horsham, PA 19044
Toll Free: 877-772-5587
What Tablet PC accessories should I consider?
Some of the most common accessories that our Tablet users purchase include:
Docking station (maybe two, one for your office and one for home)
Car charger
Spare battery (standard or extended life)
Bluetooth or USB keyboard (collapsible or folding)
Wireless USB mouse
External DVD / CD writer
Where can I find more information about Tablet PCs?
Microsoft's Tablet PC Home Page
Tablet PC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tablet PC Magazine
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